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How Do We Make Digital Happen

Digital solutions for analog problems
We make sure you never second guess your decision of hiring us for your projects


We are dedicated to our work and we find that no problem is really a problem, just a challenge that can be solved with smart thinking. Our experience has thought us to approach every challenge with curiosity and eagerness which makes it that much easier to solve.


Learning is an ongoing process that we cherish. We like to learn from our clients and we would like that our clients learn from us. We keep on learning every day and that is what makes us ready for every change that keeps on happening in the digital world.


Our team is what makes us so great. We all learn, live and develop from each other. This is the kind of approach we like to have inside and outside of our company. If we can’t make you feel like working with friends, no one can.

Coffees per day
Happy clients
Hot and new business concepts
Creative ideas per day

Our Services

Logo Design

Let us do the “dirty” work. We create, visualize and develop your logo and the story behind it. Our vision is to tell an epic story through one picture.

Wordpress Web Design

Setup a beautiful WordPress site from a range of themes be it a Webshop, personal website, business website, blog or any other website.

Social Media

Wanna leave a mark on social media? This is where we can help with our team of experts that can develop, implement and manage a social strategy that your followers will love

Email Marketing

Got a lot of e-mail contacts of potential clients? Or you want to collect e-mail leads? We can help you convert those contacts and convert them into happy clients

Digital Advertising

Advertising on all digital platforms can be overwhelming but we make it look easy. Find out why everyone thinks they are a specialist while only few are.

Print Design

Digital is not your favorite channel? Let our designers do the work with print design experinece like no other.

Get digital

right now, don’t wait for the hype to pass

Our Work

Memorial Center Dražen Petrović

Wordpress WebSite

Developing, content management and implementing a wordpress site for the late, great basketball player Memorial Center Dražen Petrović

Acro Goal Achiver

Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, Youtube

Driving traffic thorugh Facebook, Google display network and Youtube advertising and converting them into final sales

Mango Croatia

Youtube advertising

Creating and optimizing Youtube campaing for big fashin brand Mango in Croatia

Pressing d.o.o.

Google AdWords

Optimizing, Developing and reporting on Google AdWords

American Top Team

Google AdWords

Optimizing, developing and reporting on Google AdWords, search and display campaings


Facebook strategy, Facebook advertising and Google Adwords

Specific themed web site that is driving traffic through social media and display advertising

Basic Gym One

Google AdWords

Optimizing, Developing and reporting on Google AdWords, search and display campaings

Machina Game design academy

Digital Advertising and education

Setting up all channels for digital advertising and educating their staff how to manage, set up and report on digital advertising

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 (+385) 91 2881 531


 Ribnjak ulica 36, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia